London Falconry

Professional bird abatement across London and the South-East

We use our team of trained hawks, falcons and eagles to clear pest birds wherever they cause problems - from protecting crops of cherries and grapes from voracious flocks of starlings across Kent to abating pigeons in Central London. Our methods are not only effective, but completely sustainable and eco-friendly, using natural predator-prey relationships established over millions of years of evolution.



We use the ancient art of falconry to prevent bird damage to fruit, and the resulting loss of revenue. Our aim is not to hunt the flocks of birds causing damage, but to move them along to another suitable food source, minimising our impact on the ecosystem.


Our experienced team of falconers work to clear roosts of pigeons and gulls in London and other cities, preventing the associated mess that they cause. With repeat visits, we establish the site as unsuitable for the pest birds to return in order to roost or nest.